Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My heart is a creamy centre encased in a smooth shell... Just so you know.

The sparkling red packaging slips off the sensuous egg with ease, allowing a golden brown shine to emanate against the now silver backdrop.

The little egg in between my fingers slides a little with the body heat pressing against the soft outer casing; and the moment my lips meet the deity that is the Lindt Lindor mini egg it serenely melts into a flood of the creamiest and most milky chocolate upon this world.

"Divine," he said as his eyes closed in passion of the taste. "It is a sweet for grown-ups; I would buy these for myself" Uncaring that they are created in the spirit of an Easter gift. These covetable little rubies are under £2 a packet at a supermarket near you.

The flood seeps down my throat and coats my insides with its wondrous flavour. It is over quickly, a short burst in just a few seconds, not even a minute. They are so small that you need three to make a bite size, and the moreish consistency will give you the taste for chocolate without settling your newly founded craving.

My perfect remedy to this cheeky flaw would be the Lindt bunny. :3

I wait all year for these entities to hop onto the shelves, a little expensive; a decent size is going to take £3/4 from you... But the sacrifice is worth the soothing melt of quality chocolate. When the first ripple dances upon your taste buds you will be chasing those rabbit down the street, flinging coins in all directions to hunt them to extinction.

I read somewhere the other day that Scientists have found if you think about eating a chocolate cake then you are more likely to stay slimmer than a control group as it eases cravings. It is as though the imagination can feed you physically of desire (not of nutrition, don't try, if you think you can go anorexic then try some Lindt, it will hurt too much to try and starve if you knew you could never eat this chocolate again.)

However, if I think about eating one of those little but creamy, ovaline beauties that is a Lindt Lindor mini egg... I also think of running up the stairs tearing open the present I just wrapped for my boyfriend and eating the entire 30 strong treasure trove I know is just waiting...

PS: DO NOT eat after flavoured rice. It will depress you.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Warning: I do not know or understand the gaming world or culture. I am a novice in love. Forgive me, agree with me, laugh with me but not at me.

I do not own and have rights to any image used. Thanks to they are not here. Mwahaha.

Game: ZELDA; spirit tracks.
Platform: Nintendo DS lite.
Status: Completed except for final battle.

Link is in his Windwaker form; cute and chibi, and gets a train to travel with. Not as cute and interactive as a talking boat or a horse but what are you going to do? You travel to the castle and meet Zelda, who then convinces you to sneak her out the castle to go see a tower where an evil creature resides.

¬_¬ Yes, what a fabulous idea, Zelda.

In previous arcs, Zelda was worthy of the wisdom triforce, but there is little mention of the pendant in this game. Good thing really with the stupidity and annoyance brought on by Zelda.
Zelda is then separated spirit from body and Link agrees to assist her in getting it back; to do so you need to travel and vanquish demons in temples, yatta yatta, bla bla... you can always rely on the same story line.
Saying that, I will never bore of this storyline. :3

The intriguing inclusion of the DS platform is the microphone. Which, I found, as a 21 year old sitting next to a friend quite embarrassing but children would love it. There is usually an instrument in Zelda, in spirit tracks it is panpipes, using the stylus to move the panpipes side to side you have to blow into the microphone to play it. Fun, but as I said, a little embarrassing for a 21 year old to do. There was also a point where I had to speak, wish I found that bit when I was playing alone. But the good friends I have thought it was great and we all were speaking utter nonsense into it! Some of the items and weapons you use will also require the microphone to use.

Be prepared to travel back and forth a lot. There are a few minor missions where you have to pay attention to the train signs along the tracks. And there is an excellent side game, such as golden skultulla in ocarina of time, and the market stall in windwaker, which is catching rabbits. :3

When you get bombs and have visited the rabbit rescue centre to obtain the net (after first temple) you are able to blow up rocks that rabbits hide behind and then using the stylus you try and catch them. I probably catch them on a fluke, you get 10 seconds to try and net them but they move quickly and the net drops slowly. All in all it is fun and when you take them back to the centre you can run around and find all of them. ^__^

The temples are short; there is no need for compass and map chests so you just have to figure out all the clues and riddles to obtain whatever object you need. Once the object is found the next door pretty much leads you to the master key and the boss door. There are often shadow hands trying to steal your key in each of the temples. Some are easily ran past, others are not.

After each temple you have to return to the Tower from the beginning of the story and obtain the next part of the map. This tower is like a mini dungeon each time you enter, and it is also what makes spirit tracks partly unique. I say partly because it is where you are able to control Zelda, you are able to control character others than link in other games (mind control in Windwaker) but she can attack, which is new and fun. Link is vulnerable whilst you try and 'draw' a path for Zelda, and she is a complete moron, being easily knocked off course if you do not draw the line neatly away from a wall. But with a bit of practise with the stylus it gets easier and is quite fun.

This game is completely suitable for little ones, it tells the story of Zelda a few generations after windwaker, and the characters are as amusing as ever. A little different to how I normally play but when you get into the story it is impossible not to love Zelda.

The final battle, as usual, has three parts, the first part was annoying when I didn't quite realise I was meant to be throwing bombs in his face and just kept trying to get out of the way instead and then dying- thus having to repeat a few times :( otherwise it was fun. The second was easy but trivial and I am yet to complete the third, although I was THIS CLOSE!!!! ¬_¬ I will kill that damn demon. Mark my words; his belching rocks will not kill me THIS time!

^__^ Have fun falling in love.