Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The calm before the storm... of caramel.

Cadburys Caramel Mini Eggs.
Pulling away the foil in pieces, the sense of frustration rises as you cannot obtain the treasure that waits underneath. It breaks and curls on your fingers; the silver reflecting the electric light above onto that smooth surface that is still a little out of reach. 

It finally comes off, all of it, rolling it into a ball and throwing it aside is gratifying as you now hold the egg between your fingers.

It feels quite firm, there is not give, unlike the Lindt mini egg that softened to the body heat. No, Cadbury chocolate is sturdier, stiffer but inside your mouth you can taste the cream used to get a luscious chocolate consistency.

Once inside, your mouth feels full. It is only meant to be a mini egg but the thing feel much larger, it is strikes you every time, not just the first time you eat it. 

Sucking the chocolate and it slowly collapses inside. And then a rush of caramel swirls into your mouth. The flavour is so much sweeter than the shell it was hiding in. 

But as soon as you discover this golden miracle flowing into your mouth you swallow in surprise and it is all gone. The taste leaving satisfaction behind.

That is, until you pick up the second egg…

Eating a third egg and it does feel a little over-indulging. The aftertaste beginning to leave a dry, coated feel to the mouth. Warm milk should quench the problem left here. But those eggs will definitely be enjoyed again later.

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