Friday, 1 April 2011

Wonder what you should be doing with your Friday Night?


"Oooh Nat, the Town Hall have had a refit and they're showing a film on Friday, why don't we go?"

Oh yeah, that's exactly what a 21 year old student wants to hear from mum whilst she's home...

Well, maybe it is. ;D

Not really known for its night life ( ¬_¬ it's not, don't fight me, you know it's true. ) Lanson can be...well... dull. Yet this projector cinema could be a great thing. The quality is great and the value is great- £5 with the options of coffee, wine and juice for affordable prices. Everybody is catered for and approx 120 people can fit in and there was still plenty of space, so no fears of claustrophobia.

The chairs can be classed as suitable. It's a town hall with a projector screen remember, at least the upholstered cushion are better than the old plastic stackers they used to own! A film is no longer than 2 hours, so it is survivable.

The height of the screen is nothing to complain about either. My family suffer with their necks so we were worried about sitting somewhere we had to look up at when sitting on straight chairs for a long time; however we have the dilemma of being short and feared tall people sitting in front and obstructing the view. The latter reasoning won out and we sat front row, although, looking back, the screen is high enough that we could sit in the centre and still see clearly.

So, the health verdict? No complaints. :3 They cleverly positioned the chairs far enough back so that even the front row would be comfortable. This set up has obviously been carefully considered and planned; it is not a little project they have thrown in to Pilot. It works, and it works well.

The films start at 7.30 pm; you can buy tickets and get in at 7pm. Therefore you can see the film, and then be out before 10pm and go to the pub. If you really want to. I shouldn't sound so degrading, not all pubs in Launceston are bad... If you have backup.

For Launceston, this is an exciting venture. There were 33 people attending Cemetery Junction. I hope the two showings of Kings Speech sell out on the 6th and 7th May. Not only because that film is brilliant and you will most definitely have a great, good value, evening. But we should support the positive advancement of our little town.

And if you’re hungry after, your 'cinema' tickets get you a discount in Launceston Fryers. ;D

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