Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Putting my face on

So I like very much the template I had been using but like everything in my life I just wanted to change and try something new. If you don't then life is dull and you never progress or evolve.

I realise you don't even care why I chose what I chose, you care even less that I have spent an hour and a half changing, re-changing, choosing and changing back to finally settle.

There was an absolutely adorable background with some chibi-anime style animals wearing clothes and glasses and such not, reminding me of this adorable t-shirt in New Look teens section at the moment.

Bunny Bunny Bunny: The top in New Look :3 The top which I think someone should buy for me.

But that comparison sums up why I couldn't have the kawaii background; it would be rather childish and I need to keep a grown up facade to attract a varied audience... I mean to reflect my very serious and sensible approach to life... (shifty eyes).

There was also a rather snazzy (to use my best friends favourite adjective) pinkish one that looked like contemporary wallpaper. You know that large printed type stuff with swirls and fleur de lis (however that darn word is spelt) that give a rather bold statement. Yet after looking at it for a while it was distracting and the title was difficult to read; a blog that you can't even read the title of would be the blog of an amateur. That is my least favourite way to be described.
 For any one who didn't get that last reference, is the proud owner of a rather black humour and are not squeamish then please watch this

I would apologise for anyone who found that link offensive but if you can't see the funny side I don't want you to read my blog anyway...

I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! I need all the readership I can get... I apologise if I sounded harsh just now. 

Moving On....

So the backgrounds I found appealing would give derogative connotations and  possibly just annoy any/every one that happens to come by my blog so I settled on blue clouds. I love the colour blue. It is kind, a little sad but it never abandons you whether its in the day or in the night. There is blue everywhere. Plus the clouds are always reminiscent of dreaming and I love dreaming! 

Well, I reckon I have out ranted interest, people probably didn't even make it to the llama link so if you're still reading now I give you two very big thumbs up and thank-you. I think you are a bit strange for wanting to read this, but you have my respect. I would have fallen at the lame title for the post... I've forgotten what I meant by it. Maybe make-up.

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